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U.N.I.T.Y Group Services, Inc started out over 25 years ago, with one man known as “the Good Samaritan”. The “Good Samaritan” traveled because of his job, and during his travels he encountered numerous individuals, children and families that were lacking food, clothing, and shelter. “The Good Samaritan” became overwhelm with emotion and started to use his personal funds to help those in need. “The Good Samaritan” believes that one person can make a difference, but it takes unity to bring about lasting changes in the lives of those in need. Traveling and helping the poor, he is often asked about his name, which he refuses to give, stating “I am the Good Samaritan, as I help you; help another”. This became known as his trademark, to everyone he meets. Today, we help with “The Good Samaritan” efforts to ensure that children are provided with food, and families the resources and training needed to help them to become productive members of society. Today, we are known throughout the globe as U.N.I.T.Y Group Services, Inc, providing free work readiness training, job referrals, food, clothing and resources to anyone in need. 

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U.N.I.T.Y Group Services, Inc, team up with community leaders, in order to provide effective services to disadvantaged  youth and their families. 

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Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of members of the community. Together, we work to ensure that "The Good Samaritan" works continue.

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